Jigsaw puzzling in your #fujicomfortzone

Photographs are the perfect way to preserve those memories that you never want to forget. With a personalised photo puzzle you can relive memories piece by piece and keep them forever.

We can definitely understand the new puzzle hype: Staying at home with a cup of coffee, enjoying time with your family and putting some music on – while doing a jigsaw puzzle. They don’t require you to read instructions or get your head around new terminology. It’s the perfect way to relax at the end of a long day or for a fun family activity on a rainy day.
Even better, then, is being able to puzzle a personal image that will recall fond memories: It’s unique, offers an opportunity to reminisce, and might even allow you to discover details you didn’t notice before.

Given as a gift, a personalised puzzle is a great way to transport emotion and highlight a personal bond – think of it as a framed picture with a fun, interactive element!

MyFujifilm (German Shop) offers photo puzzles in different sizes and in proven Ravensburger quality.

Tip: Photo jigsaw puzzles with a lot of details are easier to assemble than motifs with large, open areas (e.g. the sea).

So stay at home in your #Fujicomfortzone and have fun while jigsawing your personalised puzzle.

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