International Women’s Day

Gender parity has always been and in many areas still is a major issue in our society. The #internationalwomensday is annually marked on March 8, and aims to celebrate economic, cultural, social and political achievements of women. But why only dedicate one day a year to empower and show appreciation towards women?

We at Fujifilm cherish and empower women every single day and give them and everyone else the chance to develop themselves in positions and areas that spark their interest. So many powerful women are part of the Fujifilm family and tremendously contribute to the company’s success with their meaningful work. To show our appreciation, we invented the Women4Women magazine, launched in October 2020 for the first time. Already 4 editions have been published addressing current and important issues. The latest edition was published at the beginning of the year and covers a highly present and urgent topic, ‘Sustainability’. The ‘Green Issue’ not only talks about changing us and businesses towards a more sustainable future, but is more sustainable than ever before itself. It is printed on recycled paper.

Have a look at the latest, but also the previous editions of the Women4Women magazine. Let yourself be inspired by all the powerful women contributing to Women4Women. We can only say that we are grateful for all these amazing women being part of our family.

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