Giu Alfeo – Dancing on your longboard

Giu Alfeo

Fujifilm instax, our brand all around instant camera and photo taking, has started its #instaxgivesquad series in 2021. Give squad introduces a collection of creators from all kinds of fields that express their way of turning their very own experiences into creativity giving it a new meaning.

@giu.alfeo is a longboard dancer from Germany. Giu experiences themselves as a member of a worldwide longboard community, joining it with the aim for open conversations and the sharing of creative ideas and concepts. Giu’s background in dance and design heavily informs their style of longboard dancing. And as their platform has grown, they love to highlight others whose background provides an equally unique perspective on this evolving sport.    

So if that beautiful late summer day in August comes along, why not go out there and try some dance moves on your own longboard. And if you want to get to know Giu better, check out their Instagram page.                            

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