Inside Bryan Minear’s Camera Bag

Delve into the goodness of X-Photographer Bryan Minear’s X Series Domke bag!

By Bryan Minear

As a landscape photographer, I venture out to shoot – a lot. Much of my work is reliant on timing and interesting light. I’m based in Michigan, which isn’t conventionally known as a photo wonderland, so I am constantly exploring, scouting locations, and biding my time for that special segment of time where the light is just right and I can realize my vision. Most of the time, this involves me running out the door and into my car at the start of golden hour, and my Fujifilm bag (a unique co-branded creation) is perfect for those spontaneous moments.

Admittedly, I’m a bag snob, and I struggled with settling with any camera bag for my minimal kit until now. I could never find one that was just right for what I needed. When I heard that Fujifilm and Domke were partnering to create a never-before-seen version of several Domke classics, I was definitely interested. If the same attention to detail and capability that Fujifilm puts into their products went into the bags, I was going to be in for a treat. Long story short, the camera bag does not disappoint. The FUJIFILM X Series Domke F-803 has just the right amount of storage for me to take my X-Pro2, XF10-24mmF4 R OIS, XF56mmF1.2 R, and X100T – my perfect minimal setup. Even with the kit, the bag still has plenty of room left over for the accessories and extras, like my 10-stop ND filter, polarizers, solar-powered battery backup, and even my lightweight Vanguard VEO 235AB tripod, rendering me completely handsfree.

One problem that I usually have with messenger bags is that they end up being too bulky and uncomfortable, which is not the case with the FUJIFILM X Series F-803.  It has a very low profile and feels perfect when it is slung across your body, all while looking super sexy (yep, I said it). The combination of sand canvas and brown leather make for a really classic look. It pairs so well with the aesthetic of the X Series cameras – you know, for people who care about that sort of thing. On the run and chasing light, I’ll be suited up with my new favorite premium X accessory.

Learn more about X Series Domke co-branded bags here!

Currently only available in the United States.

13 thoughts on “Inside Bryan Minear’s Camera Bag”

    1. Hi Skip,

      Thanks for the kind words! Yes you can use Canon EF lenses with an adapter. But since EF lenses are built to autofocus, some lenses are tougher than others to manually focus. The other problem that you will run into is that unlike Fujifilm lenses with a physical aperture ring, Canon controls the aperture digitally in the camera. SO to set the aperture, you will actually have to do so with a Canon body and then pull the lens off the camera, add the adapter, and then put it on your X-T1. I would recommend either the FUJINON LENS XF60mmF2.4 R Macro or the Fujinon XF 90mm f/2 R LM WR 😉

      Happy shooting!

  1. I love the Domke bags for years now and still … they are georgeous. Have got three of them,. small F, F6 and the big one and use them always, either for my fuji equipment, with vintage Canon Fd-lenses, or a Nikon FF and a Fuji Xpro 1 with 35 and 50mm lenses, or the full monty: nikon FF with many different lenses and always additional things like filters, adapters, batteries, pens, notebook ….
    they are just …. marvelous
    thanx for the post and always good light,

  2. And, also, how do you manage to carry that tripod conveniently on/w the bag? (maybe the side clasps have something to do with that??) I just bought the bag, have a small Sirui …love it. Your article was the inspiration and when I went to Fuji X forum there one was for $75 incl shipping! Meant to be?

  3. hpefoto – Norge – Fotograf Hans-Petter Eitvet har tatt bilder i over 20 år og har de siste årene også gjennomført en rekke oppdrag over hele landet for både bedrifter og privatpersoner. Ta kontakt for å høre hva vi kan hjelpe med.
    Hans-Petter says:

    Hi Bryan

    I looked at this bag on the B&H site and noticed that this bag is more expensive ($229 vs $134~$139) and slightly narrower (by 1 inch). Can you please tell me if there is other key differences to this branded bag and the regular Domke F-803?

    I really like this bag and want to order one, but I see no need to pay more just to get the Fujifilm branding…


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