Happy international women’s day!

Have you ever asked yourself where all the women hide who contribute to make the world a better place? 

We have asked ourselves this question recently when thinking about the second issue of our Women4Women magazine. We did not have to search long. It was quite easy to find many interesting and influential women very close to us – in our company. The latest issue of the Women4Women magazine concentrates on women in science. Both external and internal contributors from around the world shared their stories and led us through an emotional and exciting journey. We were pleased to receive contributions from colleagues and university professors, journalists and photographers to provide as many different views and opinions as possible.   

Women4Women is a magazine which highlights women’s strengths and views, the right reading for this important day. 

We would like to share our contributors’ positive and impactful attitudes wishing you a happy women’s day today and every day!

Happy international women’s day!

Browse the magazine Women4Women ( Italian version, Spanish version) to experience more about amazing women in science! 

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