Halloween Crafting: How to make a DIY Jar-o’-Lanterns with INSTAX?

It’s almost Halloween, and you’re probably itching to get creative with your home decorations. Well, here’s a spooktacular DIY design that’s so easy it’s scary! Sophiagaleria shared a great idea for a unique Halloween photo jar which you can make in no time just with your INSTAX mini Link Printer and some simple items.

What will you need?

  • a screw-top jar;
  • tangerines;
  • a black waterproof pen;
  • mini fairy lights (LED);
  • INSTAX mini Link Printer;
  • wooden sticks.

Step 1. Draw spooky faces

First, get your tangerines ready. Take your black waterproof pen and let your creativity run wild drawing funny or scary Halloween faces on the tangerines. It may be classic jack-o’-lanterns, sinister smiles, or even spooky ghosts. Feel free to experiment!

Step 2. Light it up

Now that you have your scary tangerines ready, it’s time to create an atmosphere. Get your fairy lights and carefully place them inside the screw-top jar. The soft, flickering glow will add a spooky charm to your decorations.

Step 3. Prepare photos

Connect your smartphone via Bluetooth to the INSTAX mini Link Printer and print out your favourite pictures. It can be snapshots of your past Halloween, funny memories, or anything that sends shivers down your spine. You can also make new photos using tangerines and additional decorations.

Step 4. Make photo-sticks

After that, simply attach wooden sticks to the back of the photos using adhesive tape.

Step 5. Put all Together

Place your painted tangerines in the screw-top jar with mini fair lights and nestle your photos on the wooden sticks among them. You can switch on your fantasy and customize the jar with your own ideas and themes.

And there you have it – your magic photo-jar of tangerine jack-o’-lanterns. Now it’s time to turn on the LED lights and unwrap your Halloween mood. Enjoy!

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