Guest post: Fujifilm X for Destination Weddings

By V.Opoku

I just got back from documenting a destination wedding in Montego Bay Jamaica, and I can’t help but think that the Fujifilm X cameras have an enormous potential to be incredible wedding cameras. I have been shooting exclusive with two X-Pro 1’s + an X100s for the past year and I have gotten to know these cameras quite well.

They are a joy to work with, I love them but this past week something clicked – every destination wedding photographer needs a Fujifilm X camera in their bag – X100s, X-E1/2 X-Pro 1 and the newly announced X-T1 ; pick your poison.

Here is why :

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1. Travelling light, I pack my kit in my carry on bag, I don’t have to check in and it’s easier to carry smaller luggage around once I arrive at my desired destination.

3. sunset image
2. Wedding days are long hours, for this wedding I started documenting from 10am and it wasn’t until after 12am that I packed it all in. Over 14 hours of coverage – anything heavier, especially as a two-body set up will kill me.

4. pre-wedding
3. Documenting events pre and post the wedding day. This is where the x100s comes into a league of its own – I am able to hang out with my clients, their family and friends effortless, I am able to capture moments without a photographer sticker on my forehead.

I am not saying ditch your entire DSLR setup like I did, but I will highly recommend all my fellow wedding photographers out there, especially those who travels around the world, to add one of these gems to their arsenal.

Here is preview of the wedding I documented, images are either the X-Pro 1 + 35mm or the X100s. I can’t wait to add the 56mm & 14mm lenses into my setup during the course of the year.

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I am a Creative, Contemporary Wedding Story-teller. I love to travel, experience different cultures and discover awesome stories. London is home (for now).

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6 thoughts on “Guest post: Fujifilm X for Destination Weddings”

  1. I shoot a lot of events and some weddings and woul like to do more but: in the UK most wedding receptions are indoors – and Fuji has appalling flash support. Any thoughts on that?

    Also, I use Nikons with the 24-70 and 70-200 2.8 zooms all the time, don’t have time to swap primes around all day and feel like with primes I’ll miss certain framings I’m used to with zooms. Can you talk me out of that slightly lazy safety net attitude? Please!


    1. Fuji has appalling flash support. Any thoughts on that?

      This is something we (and a lot of others) have raised with the planning team in Japan so we hope to see some improvements in the near future. Unfortunately at this stage we couldn’t confirm for sure though.

      Can you talk me out of that slightly lazy safety net attitude? Please!

      There’s no problem with relying on a safety net. How about a 24-84mm or 75-210mm F2.8 constant zoom? We’ll have two available by the end of the year*
      Also, the IQ of the primes can sometimes outweigh the versatility of the zooms. Sometimes it’s just a matter of getting used to it, although there’s no such thing as an R&D wedding 😉

      * or so is the plan

      – Marc

      1. Great answers thanks!

        What I’m after is a decent tilt and swivel TTL flash I can underpower to add light to ambient light shots in dark but atmospherically lit venues. I use an SB800 on my D700 at the moment, bouncing up usually for nice top light on people. Lots of examples on my event photography page. I hear the EF-42 swivels and tilts but also heard it’s quite old now and not that powerful?

        I do have my eye on those 2.8 zooms you have coming out, I cannot wait to see them! Those and an X-T1 and a decent flash are my dream Nikon replacement kit. In the end I bought my X-T1 last week because I just couldn’t wait that long to get started using the camera! Got some good results with kit zoom at a well lit event, and I have my eye on that prime 56mm, to complement my X100S and it’s 23mm lens. Looks like it would make gorgeous bright shots at events. But I just *love* going to 200mm at 2.8 on my Nikon…

        So overall, very, very keen to see those pro zooms and a new pro flash 🙂