Fujifilm X Magazine – Issue 2 reader images 2/3

X-series users from across the globe share their finest images and the stories behind them

Here’s another selection of users’ images published in our Fujifilm X Magazine. If you would like to see your images in our magazine, and if you’re an X-series user, we’d love to see your shots. Email your images, along with details of the story behind them and some information about you and your photography to: xmagazine@bright-publishing.com

Paulo Bizarro – Carcavelos

Technical details Camera: X-E1 Lens: XF14mm Exposure: 27secs at F11, ISO 200
Camera: X-E1 – Lens: XF14mm
Exposure: 27secs at F11, ISO 200

“This was shot near my house on the beach at Carcavelos just outside Lisbon. It’s an area I know well, and I have recently started shooting a personal project there. I’m making a series of long exposures around sunset (some up to six minutes) of this pier and the sea. The idea is to get the locals to view the area differently. For this photo, I also applied a Velvia preset in Lightroom; I have used Velvia slide film for almost 20 years!

“I am a recent convert to the Fujifilm X-series after using Canon EOS for more than 20 years. I like to photograph travel, landscapes and people. For these subjects the Fuji works very well and the prime lenses are really good. I now have an X-E1 and X-Pro1 with three lenses: 14mm, 35mm and a Zeiss 50mm F2.”


Francisco Godoy – Malaga

Camera: X-E1 – Lens: XF18-55mm
Exposure: 26secs at F11, ISO 200

“Here’s my contribution to the excellent Fujifilm X Magazine. It was taken at sunset a couple of weeks ago in Malaga and I love the colours in the sky and on the lookout post.”

“I used my Fujifilm X-E1 and standard zoom lens. They’re a great combination and I’m really impressed with the quality of the lens and sensor – they deliver images with strong colours and great detail. The camera was tripod mounted to avoid camera shake.”

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