Fujifilm supports exhibitions of star photographer Markus Klinko in Munich and Vienna

Award-winning photographer Markus Klinko is celebrating the 20th anniversary of his iconic collaboration with David Bowie with a series of exhibitions in Munich, Vienna, Toronto, London and Dubai, among other cities.

Exhibitions in Munich and Vienna

Klinko’s exhibitions in Munich, Germany and Vienna, Austria are exclusively supported by Fujifilm. In Munich, they can be viewed since October 15, 2021, and will be accessible until November 20, 2021. His works are displayed by the Stephen Hoffman gallery – which is specialised in photography created in the 20th century as well as international contemporary and modern photography – in the Hotel Bayerischer Hof.

In Vienna, the exhibition will commence on January 13, 2022, at the OstLicht gallery

Past and present of a photographic artist with Fujifilm’s support

Born in Switzerland, Klinko’s initial goal was to become a classical harp soloist. Following a hand injury, he retired from music and decided to pursue his passion for photography. Subsequently, he chose to become a fashion photographer and is now an internationally sought-after photographic artist who has shaped the aesthetics of the 2000s with numerous pop culture milestones through his work.  

Klinko has photographed several celebrities in his career, including Beyoncé,

David Bowie, Britney Spears, Iman, Mariah Carey, Kanye West, Lady Gaga, Jennifer Lopez, Kim Kardashian, Naomi Campbell, Billie EiIish and many more.

Since the beginning of his photographic career, there has always been a deep connection between Fujifilm and Klinko’s work. His first shots were captured with a medium format analog system, Fujifilm’s GX680III, on FUJICHROME PROVIA 100F film. This bond has remained strong over the years, and he still works with Fujifilm gear to this day. 

Nowadays, he uses the mirrorless Fujifilm GFX system for his characteristic portraits, and all of his work exhibited in this upcoming series has been created with Fujifilm products and cameras.

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