A beginners guide to Lightroom – Post-production

Roger continues his beginners guide to Lightroom with tips and tricks to better post production.


Start working on your images in Lightroom using this simple how to guide. Roger Payne takes you through some very simple steps to get you on the road to better post production

If you missed Roger’s first tutorial on importing images into Lightroom, watch it here.

7 thoughts on “A beginners guide to Lightroom – Post-production”

  1. Thank you so much for this video. I hope Roger has more to come. As a new Fujifilm user (new to Fujifilm and my X-T2) this really opened my eyes up on how to make better use of LR with our RAF files! I may have to go back to some of my older shots now.

  2. Useful but I wonder if I’ve missed something that you might be able to help with?
    1) I’m using the kit lens that came with my XT2 and fuji does not appear as an option in the lens correction.
    2) I have no camera profile options. It just says ’embedded’. Any suggestions would be much appreciated.
    Kind regards,
    Jim Jimmy James

    1. If anyone else has the same issue as above it turned out that after updating my camera firmware my camera setting changed fro RAW to fine jpeg. I put it back to RAW and now the lens and camera settings show up as described in the video.