7 Fun Ways Your instax Can Make You Smile

Many thanks to instax UK and Mollie Rose for the inspiration and the shots! Check out their instax Blog to get even more inspirational instax DIY ideas.

You are looking for some new ways to keep yourself entertained? Let’ s sit down on a sunday afternoon and explore some ways your instax camera can bring some laughter to your day.

1. Give your furry friend a moustache or a crown

To achieve this we used the instax mini LiPlay camera. Via the mini LiPlay App, you choose the frames you like the most and add them onto the ‘favourites’ so you could experiment (you’ll find the 1,2,3 buttons on the side of your mini LiPlay), and then position your furry friend to match up to them perfectly. Extra tip: A treat in front of the camera will get your pet posing.

2. Create abstract patterns and art with ‘boring’ random objects that you find in your house.

The top left image was taken when Molly rested her instax SQUARE SQ20 on her red sun lounger outside. We love how it created an obscure pattern with the grass peeking through the criss-cross pattern on the sunbed. The other images were achieved with water, ice, glass and a phone torch. Placing a phone torchlight shining underneath a glass illuminates it and ‘backlights’ whatever is in the glass. This is what creates the depth and gives your abstract image a cool aesthetic.

Using cranberry juice will create a gorgeous pink colour, and adding soda water will give you some bubbles. After that, add some ice, if you look carefully you can spy this in the top right and bottom left images.  The digital screen of the instax SQUARE SQ20 will help you to position and expose your abstract images. Have a look around your kitchen and see what you can create!

3. Print out your favourite old photos of your friends on the instax mini Link printer and post them for a surprise!

Do you remeber the last trip with your bestie or the best party ever you had together? Go through you phone and dicover your favourite old photos and make these memories last forever by printing them on the instax mini Link printer. And now you can put a smile on your friends’ faces.

4. Fancy partaking in a makeup or face paint challenge?

Reckon you could do your makeup or face paint in 5 minutes? Yep? What about when you’re only allowed to look into the teeny tiny instax selfie mirror on the front of most cameras!? It’s definitely harder than it seems! Snap a selfie afterwards and tag #InstaxSelfieMirrorChallenge.

5. Play a homemade game of Noughts & Crosses!

You can do this with any two themes of instant print images you choose. Give your opposition one theme whilst you take the other; these are your new Noughts & Crosses! And you know the rest…first to 3 in a row wins. In total, you’ll need 5 prints of each theme to play a full game.

6. Master a handstand without even trying!

Here you may have guessed that Mollies hands are her feet and her feet are her hands (…there’s also a football in her hood!). You may have seen the upside-down challenge on TikTok… why not try making it into an instant print too?!
By using the instax SQUARE SQ20 you can try it with the ‘timeshift’ mode. This breaks the scene up into 4 different images, moments apart. However, you can make regular prints on all the other instax cameras.

7. Play with perspectives!

Here you can see the tulip is the skirt! Just place the flower in the foreground of the camera (ensure you’re not too close so your instax camera still focuses on the foreground). Then let someone else, who takes the photo, direct you into position.

Have fun while trying all the creative features with your instax and enjoy your weekend with a lot of laughter!