Picture Perfect in Stockholm

Town Hall (Metro Station)

As every major city, Stockholm has several nice parks, canals, and buildings! However, there is something incredible beneath the surface as well…

On the blue metro line is the town hall station on Kungsholmen in Stockholm’s inner city. The station has an incredible architecture with its red-like stone wall and large pillars, giving your image a rustic and cool style. With its 10 lens effects and 10 filters, the instax mini Evo gets you the coolest picture!

Stadium (Metro Station)

On the red subway line is the stadium known for its remarkable rainbow art. The art makes the station much more pleasant, almost to the point of forgetting that you are underground!

Grab an instax Link WIDE to capture the entire rainbow. Click into the Link WIDE app, select an image from your camera roll and add the desired feature, such as a QR Code with location!

You can use instax mini Link 2 or instax SHARE SP-3 if you want a smaller size.


The 231-metre-long tunnel stretches from David Bagares gata to Tunnelgatan on Norrmalm in central Stockholm. This place is a famous photoshoot place for some because of its edgy style and cool yellow color.

We recommend using instax mini Evo to take advantage of the 10 lens effects and 10 filters that the camera offers. Use the mini movie contact sheet to get an even more popping picture!

Old Town

A place that should not be missing in any photo shoot guide is a city’s old town!

It creates an antique and historic look in your images. You will definitely meet many tourists, but there are many small-hidden streets that are perfect for making a photoshoot without being disturbed. A nice street is Prästgatan, with its yellow colors and narrow alleys.

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