Fujifilm reveals FUJIFILM PROJECTOR Z6000

In 2019, Fujifilm launched  the 5000 lumens (lm) “FUJIFILM PROJECTOR Z5000” and the bright 8000lm “FUJIFILM PROJECTOR Z8000” in 2021, expanding the Z Series of projectors further. This series of projectors is equipped with a “folded two-axial rotatable lens” to project images in various directions and from a close-up distance.

Lens Shift function capable of 70% vertically and 35% horizontally

Fujifilm’s new FP-Z6000 features a laser light source to deliver bright 6000lm, achieves the smallest size and lightest weight in this class thanks to optimally laid out components inside the main body. Additionally, it is free from space constraints to accommodate diverse spatial designs, including its ability to project images at various directions without having to move the main unit and throw large images from a close-up distance.

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