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Create Your Own Gift Voucher | instax DIY

Many thanks to instax Belgium for the inspiration and the shots! Check out their instax Blog to get even more inspirational instax DIY ideas.

Today marks the International Day of Friendship! This special day provides us with the perfect opportunity to celebrate bonds between friends and to bring a smile to our best friends’ faces.
If you’re looking for a special something for your BFF, here is a fantastic last-minute gift idea: vouchers are always a good idea! But we’re not talking about boring, impersonal gift vouchers, we’re into instax pimped ones!

There’s nothing better than spending a day off with your bestie and enjoying a relaxed spa day together. But of course, choose any activity for you and your best friend that guarantees you’ll have a good time.

You need:

  • a pencil marker
  • a fun gift box
  • letters that stick
  • confetti
  • a Fujifilm instax camera

Step 1

Take a picture that has a fun reference to thTake a picture that has a fun reference to the gift voucher you’ll be giving. Add a message about the activity to the bottom of the instax print.

Step 2

Stick the letters GIFT onto the gift box and fill the box with confetti (use lots of confetti and maybe some candy).

Step 3

Put the picture into the gift box and boom, you are ready to surprise your friend with this great gift! Success guaranteed!

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