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Tips and tricks to survive the home office


For some, working from home has not been that much of a change in pace, but for a lot of us it requires previously unknown levels of self-motivation and self-organisation. We at Fujifilm have been working in our #fujicomfortzone for a few weeks now and would like to start the week by lending a helping hand in surviving the home office. To that end, we have collected these 10 handy tips and tricks from our Fujifilm colleagues. We hope they will also be of help to you:


  1. Structure your day like you would if you were in the office. For example: 1.: get up and out of bed, 2.: enjoy your morning beverage and freshen up, 3.: get dressed as you would for the offfice – no pyjamas while working, 4.: start work, 5.: relax. Sounds easy? Can be a tough one!


  1. The human psyche has funny ways of tricking us, so find a space in your house that you can associate with getting work done. After finishing the work of the day, change to the areas that you associate with leisure time. This helps to structure your day and keep work and free time separated.


  1. Planning ahead makes your life a lot easier and helps to understand what you can manage and what would be an overextension. While working on your „Master Plan“ for the day, keep asking yourself: What are the most important things that me and my team need to get started, work on, or finish? Why are they important? How can my different tasks be prioritised? What do I have to do first, second …?


  1. Make sure to give yourself plenty of breaks. This will help you to maintain high levels of concentration and focus.


  1. Try standing up or walking around every 30 to 40 minutes to stay more alert throughout the day. If you have the possibility, try to work standing up.


  1. Having an overview of what everybody is working on during the week is essential to organise work efficiently, avoid unnecessary stress, and prevent tasks from falling through the cracks. Therefore, you, as a member of a team, should be very transparent with that team about what you are working on. As a team, find or improve ways of communicating information on your plans and projects, bottlenecks and milestones.


  1. Keep in touch. Stay connected with colleagues by mail, phone or video call, especially if you need support to finish a task.


  1. Be aware of your biorhythm and know when you are most productive during the day. If possible, organise your work around those times – after having coordinated with your team.


  1. Mom is constantly messaging to ask if you are fine and if the washing is done? This will keep you from staying focused and getting things done on time. So, if you are easily distracted by social media, calls or messages, consider turning off your application notifications. Sometimes, simply keeping your private phone in another room helps a lot as well.


  1. Always an important part of the day: Checking to see what’s on the canteen’s menu. Well, at home YOU are the canteen. While working from home you might have to spend more time on what and when you will eat, but you also have more control. Eating right will not only keep you healthy but improve concentration and keep you focused on your daily tasks. If you need inspiration, check out our latest recipe for French Toast.


We hope you feel healthy, motivated and happy working from home in your #fujicomfortzone. Let us know if we have forgotten (and we surely have) an important tip that you would like to add to our list.

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